Letter Asking for Better Access to Congressional Information

August 22, 1995

Speaker Newt Gingrich
U.S. House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515
via the Internet: GEORGIA6@HR.HOUSE.GOV
Dear Speaker Gingrich:

We are writing to ask for a renewed commitment to provide Americans with online access to essential Congressional documents.

In your November 11, 1994 remarks to the Washington Research Group Symposium, which are reprinted in your book "Contract With America," you state that "we will change the rules of the House to require that all documents and all conference reports and all committee reports be filed electronically as well as in writing and that they cannot be filed until they are available to any citizen who wants to pull them up. Thus, information will be available to any citizen in the country at the same moment it is available to the highest paid Washington lobbyist."

On January 5, 1995, you voiced your support for a letter signed by more than 800 Americans requesting free online access to Congressional documents. Commenting on their letter, you said, according to the January 14, 1995 issue of the National Journal, "Great! I want every American to have the maximum access to information, with the minimum cost, with the greatest convenience."

But your promise to provide online access to Congressional documents still remains unfulfilled. There are many important Congressional documents which are not available on the Library of Congress THOMAS system, GPO Access or any other free government online service. In particular:

1. Committee prints of bills. One of the most serious problems is the restricted access to "committee prints" of bills. While ordinary citizens are examining the copies of bills which have been introduced and made available through THOMAS and GPO Access, lobbyists and other well-connected insiders are studying the paper copies of a committee print or "chairman's mark" of a bill, which are the relevant documents for legislation. The House policy of preventing GPO from disseminating committee prints without permission of the chair of the committee is outrageous and should be changed. These documents should be available on the Internet as soon as they are available.

2. Federal Election Commission (FEC) reports. The Federal Elections Commission (FEC) reports on campaign contributions are of interest to millions of Americans. Online access through THOMAS or GPO Access would greatly broaden the dissemination of this important information. Currently, the FEC charges $20 per hour for a dial-up system which is not connected to the Internet.

3. Committee reports. When a committee passes a bill, it provides a report with important information explaining the bill, the hearings held, and the dissenting views on the legislation. Your promise to provide these documents on the Internet has not been fulfilled. As a result, citizens are still having great difficulty following the furious pace of legislative activity on a wide range of issues.

4. Voting records of members of Congress. While the votes on bills reaching the floor of the Senate or House are recorded in the online version of the Congressional Record, it is very time-consuming and often difficult to find these without extensive browsing of the documents. As we have suggested before, citizens should be able to access voting records on bills and amendments directly, indexed by bill title, bill number, and bill subject.

5. Amendments. Amendments should be made available on THOMAS as early as possible, so that citizens can review the substance of the amendment and make their views heard. For example, until an amendment is online, it should not be considered "introduced."

6. Congressional Research Service reports. In September 1994, CRS announced a pilot project for the electronic distribution of CRS Reports and Issue Briefs to Congressional offices. However, ordinary citizens are still without online access to these documents. These documents should be available to the public on THOMAS and GPO Access.

7. Verbatim transcripts (both corrected and uncorrected) from Congressional Hearings. Lobbyists can buy these from transcribers, but ordinary citizens have to wait months or even years for printed hearing records. We want uncorrected transcripts made available the day after the hearing, and corrected transcripts available ASAP.

8. Congressional testimonies. If persons testifying before Congress provide an electronic copy of their prepared testimony, the testimony should be immediately placed on THOMAS or GPO Access for broader public access. All government officials should be required to provide electronic copies of their prepared testimonies for public dissemination.

9. Discharge Petitions. The lists of Discharge Petition signers should be available online.

If you have any questions about how the House might put these materials online, or if you wish to discuss these issues, you can contact James Love at (202) 387-8030 or Gary Ruskin at (202) 296-2787.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.


James Love, Director, Taxpayer Assets Project
Gary Ruskin, Director, Congressional Accountability Project
Ann McBride, President, Common Cause
Lori Fena, Executive Director, Electronic Frontier Foundation
Jim Warren, Columnist, Govt. Technology, MicroTimes, BoardWatch
Paul Jacob, Executive Director, U. S. Term Limits
Ellen Miller, Executive Director, Center for Responsive Politics
Scott Armstrong, Executive Director, The Information Trust
Cleta Deatherage Mitchell, Director, Term Limits Legal Institute
David Hawkins, Senior Attorney, Natural Resources Defense Council
Michael Panetta, CyberStrategy Project, Federation of American Scientists
Richard Vuernick, Legal Policy Director, Citizen Action
Tom Devine, Legal Director, Government Accountability Project
Danielle Brian, Executive Director, Project on Government Oversight
Conrad Martin, Executive Director, Fund for Constitutional Government
David L. Williams, Fairbanks, AK
Walt Herreid, Government Documents Librarian, Rasmuson Library, Univ. of Alaska, Fairbanks, AK
Richard A. Peters, Birmingham, AL
Cheryl Martin, Information Specialist, Mobile, AL
Ted T. Poppke, Engineer, International Paper, Mobile, AL
Norm Wagner, Dean, Distance Learning and Extended Acade, Troy State Univ, Montgomery, AL
Dr. Steven G.Sanders, President and General Manager, Northern Arkansas Telephone Company, Flippin, AR
Ryan J. Schwartz, Fort Smith, AR
Anne Quiggle, Little Rock, AR
Paul J. Smith, Ed.D., Vice President, Alzheimer's Disease Chapter of Central Arkansas, Little Rock, AR
James L. Keyes, Commander, USN (Retired), Yellville, AR
Carol Ann Tyson, Student, Flagstaff, AZ
Jessica Russell, Education Chairman, Arizona Eagle Forum, Mesa, AZ
Michael Guida, Peoria, AZ
Alan Gatlin, CPA, Assistant Professor, DeVRY Institute of Technology, Phoenix, AZ
Catherine A. Cody, Phoenix, AZ
David Brook Burson, Phoenix, AZ
Kenneth D. Meyering, Owner (D.B.A.), IMMEDIA Expert Systems, Phoenix, AZ
Martin Thompson, Founder, Internet Users Consortium, Scottsdale, AZ
david richardson, Tempe, AZ
Douglas A Martin, Development Engineer, IBM, Tucson, AZ
Tom Miro, Public School Teacher, Alameda Unified School District, Alameda, CA
Scott Bourne, Azusa, CA
Dirk van Nouhuys, Berkeley, CA
Patrick Lufkin, Berkeley, CA
Peter Y. Sussman, Author, Berkeley, CA
Richard B. Fuchs, Principal Systems Programmer, Burlingame, CA
Frederick M. Chambers, Grad Student, Carlsbad, CA
Jack Schmidt, Engineer, Carlsbad, CA
Greg Bard, Progressive Student Union, CSUC, Chico, CA
Richard R Hayden, Citrus Heights, CA
Jillanne Green, West Coast Exec. Producer, Newstalk Voice of the People Radio, Copper, CA
David M. Wade, Information Systems Coordinator, Corona, CA
Scott Bieser, Corona, CA
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Christian Callahan, Industrial Engineering Manager, McDonnell Douglas Corp, Fountain Valley, CA
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Alvin Lawson, professor, Garden Grove, CA
Barbara Lawson, Retired teacher, Garden Grove, CA
Kate Bauer, Grenada, CA
Joe Shea, Editor-in-Chief, The American Reporter, Hollywood, CA
Frank Holtzman, Huntington Beach, CA
Ken Bailey, President, Reality Enhancement Software, Irvine, CA
Jeffrey W. Watson, La Verne, CA
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Liza Loop, Palo Alto, CA
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John C. Krawczuk, Ridgewood, NY
Patricia Neill, Rochester, NY
S. M. MINGS, Ph.D., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY
Bernard J. Morosco, Human Resource Manager, Municipal Housing Authority of the City of Utica, Utica, NY
Paul W. Liebold, Trustee, East Meadow Public Library, Westbury, NY
Carol F. L. Liu, Whitestone, NY
Herman A. Stuhl, Chairman of the Board, New York Institute of Legal Research, Yorktown Heights, NY
joseph ercole, plainview, NY
Marcia Siebesma, Associate Law Librarian, Ada, OH
David Heck, Data Systems Coordinator, Akron, OH
John S. Morawetz, Cincinnati, OH
Beverly J. Chain, Director, Office of Communication, United Church of Christ, Cleveland, OH
John Carnes, Columbus, OH
Rochelle Athey, Columbus, OH
Brian Thomas, Electrical Engineer, Concord Twp, OH
John W. Spies, Researcher (Retired), Batelle Memorial Institute (retired), Dublin, OH
Jason E White, Gahanna, OH
John Graves, President, Kent Information Services, Inc., Kent, OH
Walter E. Davis, Associate Professor, Kent State University, Kent, OH
Donald A. Westman, Mentor, OH
David Kradlak, JR., Monroeville, OH
Connie Salyers Stoner, Associate Director of Public Services, Shawnee State University Library, Portsmouth, OH
Aaron Laramore, Executive Director, ONYX Inc., Toledo, OH
Paul H. Connelly, Executive Director, We the People- Government Research Group, Youngstown, OH
Cynthia Bruno, Director, Garcia Consulting, Inc., Ada, OK
Robert C. Koch, County Chair, Washington County Democratic Party, Bartlesville, OK
Lawrence R Chrisman, Oklahoma City, OK
James J. Haggerty, Aloha, OR
Larry Rhodes, Cheshire, or
Adi Fairbank, Cornell University, Cornell Theory Center, Corvallis, OR
James (Jim) Ramsell, Corvallis, OR
Marion McNamara, Corvallis, OR
Amy Carpenter, Eugene, OR
Carla Orcutt, Principal Analyst, Orcutt & Associates, Eugene, OR
David Wagner, Eugene, OR
John Wagner, Eugene, OR
Vicente E. Garces, Senior Law Reference Librarian, University of Oregon Law Library, Eugene, OR
Steve E. Nassar, Hillsboro, OR
Scott Thomson, Hood River, OR
Russell Johnson, Newberg, OR
Anne L. Potter, Ph.D., Portland, OR
C. Stephen Currie, Media Consultant, Steve Currie Associates, Portland, OR
Dave Peters, Portland, OR
Gary Mager, Portland, OR
Kathleen Bauer, Portland, OR
Millard F. Johnson, Director of Network Development, PORTALS, Portland, OR
Robert Mason, Senior Systems Analyst, Oregon Health Systems in Collaboration, Portland, OR
Christian L. Edison, Salem, OR
Susan Lewis-Somers, Reference Librarian, J.W. Long Law Library, Willamette University, Salem, OR
Monte Cooley, West Linn, OR
Robert E. Rosenwein, Professor of Social Psychology, Dept. of Sociology and Anthropology, Lehigh Univer, Bethlehem, PA
Raymond Albert, Bryn Mawr, PA
Amy S. Huntington, Assistant to the Board, Pennsylvania Information Highway Consortium, Harrisburg, PA
Andrew Breslin, Outreach Coordinator, American Anti-Vivisection Society, Jenkintown, PA
Bruce W. Chambers, Johnstown, PA
David E. Long, King of Prussia, PA
John Andrew, Professor of History, Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, PA
Bryan K. Hunter, Norristown, PA
Tony Tancredi, Norristown, PA
Dr. Ira Roseman, Philadelphia, PA
Peter Hundley, Philadelphia, PA
Fred Hetzel, Jr., Pittsburgh, PA
Jeffrey T. Leber, Pittsburgh, PA
Marilyn Coleman, Executive Director, Western PA Professionals for the Arts, Pittsburgh, PA
Cecilia Hogg, Seneca, PA
David L. Carson, Research Assistant, State College, PA
Michael J. Shifflet, Washingtonville, PA
Terrence McIntyre, Waynesburg, PA
Karina Gerry, West Chester, PA
Allison J. Petro, Committee Member, White Oak Democratic Committee, White Oak, PA
joe tittiger, monaca, PA
Paul H. Lewis, Government Documents Librarian, Aiken, SC
Ken Weaver, MilCert Project Office, Clemson University, Clemson, SC
Russ Marion, Associate Professor, Clemson University, Clemson, SC
Alan Lewis, Columbia, SC
Glenn Busbin, UWSA, Common Cause, C.A.F.E, ACLU, Inman, SC
John Freeman, President, Sleep Technologies, Inc., Lyman, SC
Jessie R. McLaurin, System Administrator, York County Library, Rock Hill, SC
Dr. Willard Cottrell, CEO, InSignificant Choral Press, Summervile, SC
Shirley McGreal (Dr.), Chairwoman, International Primate Protection League, Summerville, SC
Ethelle S. Bean, Director of the Library, Dakota State University, Madison, SD
Albert Wiberley, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Univ. of Tenn., Knoxville, TN, Alcoa, TN
Charles L. Brookover, Burlison, TN
Gilbert Jones, Knoxville, TN
J. Chris Kirby, Industrial Hygienist, Knoxville, TN
John Amarica, Knoxville, TN
Mark Dallara, Graduate Student, University of Memphis, Memphis, TN
John B. Pecoraro, Abilene Public Library, Abilene, TX
Steven F. McKitrick, Allen, TX
Julia P. DeRanek, Adm Assoc, Amarillo National Resource Center for Plutonium, Amarillo, TX
Andrew Fisher, Austin, TX
Chris Davis, Austin, TX
Ed Naylor, Austin, TX
George Wade Swicord, Jr., Austin, TX
Joseph Zitt, Austin, TX
Lisa A. Gerlich, Austin, TX
Lisa Walker, Graduate Student, UT at Austin, Graduate School of Library and Infor, Austin, TX
Marcus A. Davis, Austin, TX
Patrick Burkart, Austin, TX
Richard C. Gravois, Austin, TX
Windflower Waters, Austin, TX
Lee Dallaire, System/network Analyst, Govenment Contractor, Boerne, TX
Richard J. Schaefer, Assistant Professor of Journalism, Texas A&M University, Bryan, TX
Michael C. Rosenstiehl, Department of Political Science, TX A&M U., College Station, TX
Melissa B. Davis, Librarian, Splendora Middle School Library, Conroe, TX
David McNickle, Dallas, TX
Dr. Rita Kirk Whillock, President, American Communication Associat, Department of Communication, SMU, Dallas, TX
Rod Cole, Dripping Springs, TX
Roy C. Lewis Jr., Library Automation Consultant, Northeast Texas Library System, Garland, TX
Gwen E. Rigdon, Houston, TX
Jeff M. Iezzi, Houston, TX
Marian Zeletz, Houston, TX
Mary Ann O'Donnell, Rice University, Dept. of Anthropology, Houston, TX
Ward Larkin, Houston, TX
Timothy W. Gray, Systems Analyst, Compaq Computer Corporation, Katy, TX
Miles O'Neal, Leander, TX
Cyndi Simpson, Lubbock, TX
Richard A. Smithhart, Mansfield, TX
Dale L. Ricklefs, Library Director, Round Rock Public Library, Round Rock, TX
Ted Ediger, Rowlett, TX
Beatrice McKay, Serials Cataloger, Trinity University, San Antonio, TX
Donald E. Greaney, Retired Corporate President, Chairman, Republican Party Precinct #3095, San Ant, San Antonio, TX
Kathleen L. Amen, Documents Librarian, St. Mary's University Academic Library, San Antonio, TX
Matt Nations, Southlake, TX
Betty Thompson, Taylor, TX
Martha Strickland, Director, Universal City Public Library, TX
Bart Mullins, Universal City, TX
Steven Head, Wimberley, TX
Thad Brown, Orem, UT
Craig Kickel, Consultant, Salt Lake City, UT
Sarah Thompson, M.D., owner, The Righter, Salt Lake City, UT
Warren Keuffel, Salt Lake City, UT
William F. Richardson, Salt Lake City, UT
Gloria A. Dittus, President, The Dittus Group, Alexandria, VA
Karen A. Metivier Carreiro, Alexandria, VA
Larry Maloney, Alexandria, VA
Michelle Rago, Manager, Technology and Industry Resource, DynCorp ATS, Alexandria, VA
Charles B. Cameron, Annandale, VA
Bill Day, Arlington, VA
Brian Suthoff, Consultant, BRC Inc., Arlington, VA
Cassie E. Bell, Senior Membership Representative, Telecommunications Cooperative Network (TCN), Arlington, VA
Edward Zuckerman, Editor and Publisher, The Political Finance & Lobby Reporter, Arlington, VA
George R. Turner, III, Arlington, VA
Larry Yates, President, Social Justice Connections, Arlington, VA
Gerald S. Johnson, Nuclear Engineering Technician, Chesapeake, VA
Will Morrison, Falmouth, VA
Kendall Reid, Hampton, VA
Dennis L. Upton, Jr., Leesburg, VA
William P. Jackson, Jr., President and founder, Jackson & Jessup law firm, McLean, VA
Jack Price, SW Virginia Internet Society, Moneta, VA
W. R. Hancock Jr., Middle Man Marketing, Powhatan, VA
Robert Zimman, Reston, VA
Samuel W. Gage, II ("Sam"), Criminal Justice Planner, Richmond, VA
Arthur Donner, Springfield, VA
David R. Sherman, Va. Beach, VA
Lee Howard Noon, Waynesboro, VA
David L. Rouse, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Clinch Valley College of the University of Virgini, Wise, VA
Kenneth E. Pine, Woodbridge, VA
Bill Tomczak, Brattleboro, VT
John Gustafson, Bristol, VT
Moshe Braner, Essex, VT
John Bloch, President, The Markham Center INC., Montpelier, VT
John D. Wagner, Editor and author, Montpelier, VT
Marjorie Power, City Council Member, City of Montpelier, Montpelier, VT
Michael T. Maloy, Systems Analyst, S. Burlington, VT
Dave Williams, WA
Alan J. Willoughby, Esq., Auburn, WA
David Smith, Teacher, Kent Public School Dist., Auburn, WA
Mark G. Foss, Auburn, WA
Christine Llobregat, Bainbridge Island, WA
Ray A. Jones, Vice President, Clestial Systems, Inc., Belevue, WA
Gary V. Stephenson, Bellevue, WA
Steve Schack, Bellevue, WA
Shirley Doop, Bellingham, WA
Mary Amo, Coupeville, WA
Edward J Totty, Darrington, WA
Jim and Shellie Ramey, Duvall, WA
Chris Carrel, Federal Way, WA
James K. Walker, KIRKLAND, WA
Richard and Linda Woods, Kent, WA
Angie Nichols, Olympia, WA
Lucy Lorette Craig, Student, The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA
Gregory D. Smith, Port Townsend, WA
Jim Ewing, Port Townsend, WA
Preston (Mickey) McKinney, Port Townsend, WA
Loren Lutzenhiser, Associate Prof., WSU, Pullman, WA
Andy Grego, Richland, WA
Kate E. Brinton, Renton, WA
Robert L. (Skip) Leuschner, Jr., Rear Admiral, USN (Retired), Ridgefield, WA
George Goodwin, Seattle, WA
Greg Prosl, Director of Business Development, CPSR/Seattle Community Network, Seattle, WA
Harold F. Weeks, Seattle, WA
Jane E. Hawkins, Freelance Programmer, Seattle, WA
John Oliver Perry, Prof. Engl., ret., neighborhood council, Seattle, WA
Kevin Higgins, Seattle, WA
Louise Johnson, Assistant Editor, Cosmik Debris E-zine, Seattle, WA
Parker Whittle, Seattle, WA
R'ykandar Korra'ti, publisher, Low Orbit Publications, Seattle, WA
Ron Sims, Councilman, Metropolitan King County, Seattle, WA
Steve Burns, Seattle, WA
C.C. Latshaw, Tacoma, WA
Bruce Martin, Vancouver, WA
Matthew Kime, Appleton, WI
Debra Stone, the Lafollette Institute for Public Affairs, Madison, WI
Christopher A. Thorn, Dr. Soc., University of Wisconsin-Madison, La Follette Institute of Public Affairs, Madison, WI
Frank Emspak, Assistant Professor, Madison, WI
James E. Leinweber, Management Information Specialist, Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene, Madison, WI
Kelly Kearns, Native Plant Conservation Program Manager, WI Dept. of Natural Resources, Madison, WI
Mike McCallister, freelance journalist, Madison, WI
Robert Israel, Madison, WI
Stephen Jascourt, Madison, WI
Paul R. Hoffman, Menomonie, WI
Jack E. Lohman, Director, Wisconsin Initiative on Smoking and Health, Milwaukee, WI
John F. Bowen, Professor of Economics, Ripon College, Ripon, WI
Gary Dreier, Stevens Point, WI
Tom Ender, Co-Chairman, Libertarian Party of Dane County, Stoughton, WI
Bobbi Nicholson, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Humanities, WV Graduate College, South Charleston, WV
Claude W. Van Horn, Operating Manager, Word Systems Business Solutions Ltd., Cheyenne, WY
Chad Leigh
Norma Carmack